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Thursday, February 24, 2005

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I had a dream about you sneaking in... in the wee hours of the morning... your cold body snuggling up against mine... careful to not wake me up... BUT you don't succeed... as I become aware of your presence... your manly smell... I smile in my sleep... and snuggle closer... war iraq I am dreaming... a most delicious dream... I want more... NEED more. Your cool hand... traces down my arm and shoulder... sending shivers up my spine... little goose bumps dance across it... I press in more... my face now in that very comfortable familiar place of your shoulder and chest... I kiss you... automatically... and you SMILE. This is your woman... the one you want to spend the rest of your life with... how lucky YOU are... how jiggling tits we are! sigh... kiss

Your hand slides forward to cup porn films my breast... and your finger gently runs over my nipple... nikita blonde see the immediate bezpatne ruchanie sex po as sex photos it hardens... and presses against the material of my sexy little nightie. You continue to tweak it... and I let out a very soft moan... even in my sleep... my body cannot resist you... and responds with pleasure.

I feel your fingers caress my breast and slide website password to the other... as you mental note... not to neglect it... a knowing grin on your face... as you twirl your finger across this raised nipple too... your mouth aching to taste them again... but... you don't want to rose me... balancing my need for rest and canadian sex chat free sex naked women need for release... together! xxx latino thumbnail shall win... either will really... because you are just so damn "HAPPY" to be with me again. I moan again... this time a little loader as I rose from sleep. I feel the wonderful sensation and think I'm dreaming... I don't want to photos post op sex change my eyes... in fear of breaking the spell... the dream. But it feels too REAL... so I slowly open one eye... just to sneak a peak... and SMILE with LOVE at finding you there! My heart skips a beat as my mind takes in that you are really here... that this is not a dream... even though... erotic photho bdsm pictures have dreamed about it a thousand times before. I see you smile back at me... that knowing wonderful confident grin that drives me crazy with love... as I tilt my head up celebs sexkey your mouth takes mine... in a long... deep... passionate kiss... that says it eggert pictures movie "Welcome Home My Love." twins sexy shots

No words are spoken... we don't need them as my body flattens out against yours. I am so warm next to your cooler naked one. I know you had a long drive and must be tired... but I also know that you can't rest until you have "HAD ME."

My hands hug you close... and slide down along your arms... across your should and down the side of your body. I feel your hardness against my hip... its urgent need to be inside me... as I feel the moisture of its nectar. I raise up on my elbow and stare down at you... our mouths just centimeters apart... I want you as much as you need me... as I silently slide up on top of your body... my hot wet pussy... seems to know exactly what to do. It only takes seconds for US to fit together... in one smooth... natural motions... your beautiful cock is there at sex photos opening of love... your hand ashley tit even need english sailor moon hentai guide it... as I press down... and its tip presses into me.

At first it seems to not yield... but you press up and in one very quick stroke... your hardness is enveloped by the wet warm glove of my LOVE. This time it is you that gasps in need... in pleasure... at being HOME... as your pull me down and our lips join once more. Our movement is slow and deliberate... me gently rocking on you... your hips rhythmically meeting my beat... the electricity building as if avi male female slut girl never been apart. God I love this feeling... elisha cuthbert wavs deep inside me... ONE with me... you can feel my moan of pleasure... and swallow it in our kiss. We stay like this... for what seems like asian mpeg tgp rocking... moving... your cock gently sliding deeper... pulling back but never out of your comfy glove. I can feel pic chat room need building as the urgency of release grows... my clit rubbing on your pelvis bone... as I rock against you. I taste the coffee in membership required nude pictures mouth... from the two stops you amazon wrestling femdom on route to me... it is a welcome and known flavour that says YOU

ou feel me smile again as I pull away from you and stare down. Looking deeply in the dimly lit room... into your face... I speak for the first time and whisper "Welcome HOME Darling..." our need now urgent for release in one another... as my voice betrays with its breathy sultry tone. I lean up a little to push myself black girls for sex upon you... feeling your cock fill sex photos me deeper. Your hands grasp my hips... as I ride you... I feel the familiar rush of my orgasm... and say "Oh yes Baby... I'm close..." you know I need more movement and pull me mandi's nude pics to you... as you pump up... now... your need as urgent as mine. My breast bounce in front of your face... and as you pound into me... you somehow take one of the nipples you had teased only minutes ago... into your mouth. That is all I need... to send me crashing over the edge... as my orgasm burst into flight. My nipple hardens between your lips... my hot wet pussy tightens around your beautiful hard cock... as you feel my pulsing cum... milk it... begging it to explode and fill me with your cream. How can you resist... it has been too long... and you cum with me... the power of our simultaneous lust too much for both of us. It was all you could think about... on your long drive here... and God beautyfull ladies feels so good... just like you wanted... just what you needed... Welcome Home. smile

As we hold still in each others arms... I rest on top of you... feeling our heartbeats beat as one. Our mouths once again... locked together... but reluctantly pulling apart... to breath. I rest my cheek on your shoulder... taking in the smell tv non you... the smell of US. I feel you still deep inside me... and dare not move... I am one with you! You wrap your arms around me now... and whisper "God, I love you honey" and kiss the tip of my nose. I sexson pictures and snuggle in again... feeling very comfortable... and loved... as I repeat the same... "I love you too baby..." our mouths meet again... this time in a deep passionate kiss that makes you want to climb inside the other person. An after shock tremble fitch photo male gallery through me as I feel you gently slide out... as a wet gush of moisture drips down onto your balls. I feel you smile at that... knowing it is a mixture of our "LOVE..." and I know... as you push me up off you... you want to taste it... as I slide off you and onto my back... you kiss your way down sex photos body... slowly... deliberately... taking time to suck and kiss my nipples again... I moan knowing where you are going... and what you will do... my need building once more... in anticipation...

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